What is Qi Charging? A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners‍

Qi charging is a wireless charging technology that allows your device to charge by placing it on a charging pad. Qi stands for “intelligent” in Chinese, and the Q in Qi stands for “charge” (as opposed to some other letter). It is pronounced like “chee” or “chi” and not like “kye” or anything else.

The wireless charging standard was developed by the Wireless Power Consortium in 2010 and has been adopted by world-leading mobile phone manufacturers, such as Apple, Samsung, LG and Nokia. The Qi standard supports multiple operating frequencies and output power profiles.

If you are reading this article, there is a high chance that you own an Android smartphone or tablet or an iPhone – both of which support Qi wireless charging. Additionally, you might want to buy one of these devices for your friend. In that case, this article is for you!

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Let’s Get to Know Qi Wireless Charging

What is Qi Wireless Charging?

Qi wireless charging is a method of transferring electrical energy without the use of contacts. It uses electromagnetic fields to induce inductive charge transfer, where the electrical current flows through a non-conductive pathway from the transmitting source (e.g. charging pad) to the receiving source (e.g. mobile phone). Basically, the idea is to create a magnetic field by applying an alternating current to a coil of wires. To give you a better idea, the coil is inside a magnet (or some other ferrous material). When the current flows through the coil, it generates a magnetic field. The strength of that field depends on two factors: the current flowing through the coil and the number of turns in the coil.

How does it work?

When you place your phone on a Qi-certified pad, an electromagnetic field is created. This field sends energy through the coil in your phone’s charging pad, which inductively transfers that energy to your phone’s battery. Your phone’s battery then uses this energy to charge your phone. While charging, the coil inside the phone converts the electromagnetic field’s energy into direct current (DC). Then, the coil directs the current to the phone’s battery. The current charges the battery and powers the phone.

Is Qi Wireless Charging Better Than Wired Charging?

The main advantage of wireless charging is that it does not require you to plug your phone in to charge. This feature makes Qi wireless charging more convenient than wired charging. However, wired charging is more efficient than Qi wireless charging. The efficiency rating of wired charging is 100%, i.e., all the energy is converted into electricity and used to charge a device. In contrast, the efficiency of Qi wireless charging is 84 to 88%.

Which Devices Support Qi Wireless Charging?

Devices that support Qi wireless charging are also referred to as “Qi charging enabled” devices. These devices come with a Qi-certified wireless charging receiver. In addition, some of these devices come with an integrated wireless charging pad. To check if your phone supports Qi wireless charging, look for the Qi logo on the back cover of your phone. If you see this logo, your phone should support Qi wireless charging. If your phone doesn’t have the Qi logo, it does not support Qi wireless charging. Not all Qi-enabled devices can be used with all Qi chargers. If a device is not designed for Qi wireless charging, you cannot use it for this purpose.

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Should You Buy a Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger?

If you are looking to buy a wireless charger, first make sure that your phone supports Qi wireless charging. If it does, you can buy a Qi-enabled wireless charger. You can also choose a wireless charger based on its charging speed, charging pad size, and design. You can buy a Qi-enabled wireless charger online or from a physical store. Another option is to make your own Qi-enabled wireless charger using a kit. Before making a purchase, make sure that the charger has a high output power rating. An ideal Qi charger can efficiently charge multiple Qi-enabled devices at a rate of 5 watts. And ideally it should also be compatible with all Qi-enabled devices.

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Qi wireless charging is a convenient and efficient way of charging your phone. However, not all Qi-enabled phones can be used for this purpose. To know if your phone can be charged through Qi wireless charging, look for the Qi logo on its back cover. If your phone supports Qi wireless charging, make sure that you buy a Qi-enabled wireless charger. An ideal charger should have a high output power rating, support various Qi-enabled devices, and come with a charging pad that is large enough to hold your device in place.

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