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review of Moovy charging station


Perfect for all our phones

Should have bought it years ago for all the family. I love the wireless charging station where it can charge my phone faster than I thought, without a cable. It’s really quite compact so perfect to put in our lounge room and charge all your cellphones.

– Kimberly

3 in 1 wireless charger review by customer of Moovy


Excellent wireless charger

Really sleek design, I love the leather material. Everything looks neat and tidy. It charges my Apples fast, love the fact that it’s wireless, except for the one power cable. No need to fuss with cables for each device. I highly recommend this if you’re tired of charging your watch, phone and ear pods and have cables dangling every where.

– Tina

Moovy 12 in 1 product review


My MacBook pro bestfriend

I know the pain of carrying dongles and adapters everywhere I go. But I’ve said goodbye to all that. I finally found my life saver from Moovygo. This hub is amazing, I can have everything I need or connect all of it from one place. Because of its size make it so easy to pack and bring. It also is a wireless charging power-bank which is super useful. This hub is everything for my work life and my macbook!

– Grace

charging dock review


Great product

Very handy and space saving. No more cluttered devices and no more power board. Highly recommend

– David

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