Glass Riser Foldable Laptop Stand Aluminium

Le support le plus compact :

  • Fonction de refroidissement
  • Station polyvalente
  • Expérience visuelle optimale


Livraison gratuite, retour gratuit
Paiement en 3x, 4x, sans frais
WhatsApp : +33 780958808
What I love about these is there is no awkward stand to contend with. These take up no space on the desk and fold away to keep laptop flat.
Raymond L

Open cooling function

This feature was designed with air circulation in mind, which reduces overheating of your computer. Improves air circulation and accelerates heat dissipation.

Multi-purpose station

Raise your gadgets to make a versatile station with this support for your computer or your tablet! Discover the angle up to 18 degrees with a height of 6 cm. This ensures your device is well positioned for the best viewing experience.

One Support, Countless Moments Simplified

A design designed to allow you to recharge in peace. This support offers perfect stability for your computers and tablets. Free your hands for group calls, office conference calls, and more.

Ingenious concept

Our foldable aluminum computer stand stands out for its minimalism. Ideal for your tablet or laptop from 10 to 15.6 inches, it will find its place easily.

Ultra-portable accessory

Unlike other bulky accessories, our solution is as light as a feather. Enjoy screen comfort in any situation. Ultra-portable, it slips easily into your pocket and instantly deploys when you need it.

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