Magclip Aluminium Extension Laptop

L’expérience du second écran à tout moment.


  • Multi-écrans
  • Augmente la productivité
  • Multitâche


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What I love about these is there is no awkward stand to contend with. These take up no space on the desk and fold away to keep laptop flat.
Raymond L

Viewing multiple monitors

Magclip easily attaches to all types of flat screens. Enjoy a simultaneous dual-screen experience with this ingenious device. The Magclip allows you to easily attach a tablet or smartphone. Expand your screen space, boost your productivity, and make multitasking easier.

Possibility of loading

Thanks to its ergonomic design, you can easily charge your smartphone while always having it within sight. Universal compatibility with iPhones, Android phones and iPad mini from 4 to 8 inches.

Multifunctional bracket

Maximize your productivity with an interactive dual screen. No more switching between your phone and computer. Pair them for a multi-screen experience. Work or study with a magnified screen.

Magnetic Technology

With our included magnet to attach to your smartphone, you can easily place it next to your computer screen. Our innovative design incorporates 2 ferrite magnets, supplied to stick to the back of your smartphone.

No scratches

It also comes off easily and leaves no scratches or residue on the edge of your computer. An adhesive material that allows you to attach and detach it easily. Re-attach with the same firm, strong efficiency.

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