Aluminium Adjustment Laptop Stand

Le choix incontournable des accessoires pour ordinateur.

  • Station polyvalente
  • Expérience visuelle optimale
  • Améliore la posture


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Material seems sturdy, the height is perfect for my table height. I do enjoy it and it encourages more of a straight back!
Johanthan Marvel

Double hinge

The aluminum laptop stand features a double hinge to let you set the most comfortable viewing experience. Stretch from 80mm to 270mm.

Longer Range Movement

Adjustable tilt for your screen and for your keyboard! Its 270 degree mounting hinge and 180 degree base hinge effortlessly adjust your gadget to the perfect height and angle, ensuring maximum comfort.

Compact Convenient

Don’t just leave it on your desk, it can easily fold up and down to fit in your laptop case to go anywhere.

Anti slip base

The stand has rubber endings, designed to hold your laptop in place, without the risk of scratches or slipping.

Cooling function

This feature was designed with air circulation in mind, which reduces computer overheating. Improves air circulation and accelerates heat dissipation. Compatible with almost all laptop sizes from 10 to 17.3 inches.

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