Moovy Go’s 3 IN 1 Wireless Charging Station

Time and efficiency is super important in today’s day and age. People have created so many new innovations to help make life all the more easier. One example is the wireless charging device.

Many years have gone by where devices had to be connected to a cable to be charged. But now, it’s possible to charge a mobile phone just by placing the phone on the charging pad. Not only can they charge phones without wires, some charging pads even have more than one charging station.

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3IN1 Wireless Charging Station
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3 IN 1 Wireless Charging Station 

Moovy Go has one of the best 3 IN 1 fast wireless Apple chargers. The charger is super stylish with durable materials. This device supports wireless charging for iPhone, Airpods, as well as the Apple Watch. The 3IN1 wireless charger can charge all three of your devices with a single dock.

The charging pad has fast charging that supports 5/10/15W. It’s ultra compact with a sleek and modern design making it suitable both for at home or office use. Charging has never been easier as you can charge three devices at once without pulling out three different cables.

Extra Concerns About Wireless Charging
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Concerns About Wireless Charging

Worried your devices might slip or fall off? Well, the 3 IN 1 wireless station has an anti-skid silicone pad. This proves that the charging pad has a super sturdy and durable stand. Making it steady enough to keep your devices safe and sound as they charge.

Over the years there have been several narrations that wireless charging can ruin the device’s battery much faster than wired charging. However, that’s not exactly true. In fact, most wireless chargers have been designed to avoid this problem.

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Most charging pads will safely trickle charge the phone’s battery to keep it fully charged. The charging pad also has an over-current, over-voltage, and an over-temperature protection to prevent over-charging from damaging your device. You’ll never have to worry about leaving it on for a little longer or accidentally leaving it on all night.

Compatibility: 3IN1 Wireless Charging Station
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Device Compatibility 

At the moment, wireless chargers still require a compatibility check. That means that not all devices can use the same wireless charging pad. The Moovy 3 IN 1 wireless charging station for Apple is compatible with several devices, which are:

The devices are: Airpods, Airpods 2, iPhone SE (2020), iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, Apple Watch Series 1 38/42mm, Apple Watch Series 2 38/42mm, Apple Watch Series 3 38/42mm, Apple Watch Series 4 40/44mm, Apple Watch Series 5 40/44mm.

The Future of Charging
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The Future of Charging

Wireless chargers are paving the way towards a clean, simple, and more efficient future. If you are looking to reduce clutter in your office or home area, then owning one of these devices will be the best option.

Check out Moovy to find other wireless chargers that will better suit your taste. There is the 12IN1 USB-C Hub, 6IN1 dock station, and many more. Feel free to take a look and find one that fits what you need.

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