The Debate: Which iPhone is the Best

The iPhone is Apple’s flagship product line, and it’s a big deal. There are plenty of people who own iPhones, with the most recent version of the device selling more than any other previous model ever has in its first weekend on the market. The reasoning behind this is simple: People love their apple devices and think they’re great phones. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other smartphone options out there for people looking for something different from the standard iPhone experience. In fact, you can get an Android phone from Google with your choice of different manufacturers and features. But which one would be best for you?

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of both to figure out which one might be right for you:

iphone 11
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iPhone 11

Apple released two generations of phones after the iPhone 11 debuted in 2019, but the iPhone 11 is still available for $499. Its A13 Bionic processor is still more powerful than contemporary Android models, despite the fact that it has been on the market for a while. This is a great buy because it is inexpensive and because you don’t have to sacrifice any features. The iPhone 11 features a wide-angle and ultra wide-angle camera in addition to a 12-MP wide-angle lens. As with the rest of the iPhone 11 family, the iPhone 11 can capture portraits, ultra-wide-angle selfies, and Night Mode images. To charge it again as quickly as possible, you’ll have to purchase a fast-charging adapter separately. The iPhone 11 has more than 11 hours of battery life.

image of a phone (apple)
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iPhone 12 Mini

The iPhone 13 mini may be a decent compact smartphone, but for less money, consider the iPhone 12 mini. Despite the fact that it’s a year older, the iPhone 12 mini doesn’t skimp on features. It includes the same A14 processor as the other iPhone 12 models, as well as rear cameras as impressive as the ones found on the iPhone 12. Even better, the iPhone 12 mini has dropped in price to make room for the new iPhone 13 mini, now $100 cheaper. The iPhone 12 mini supports all flavors of 5G connectivity, which includes mmWave 5G. The number of antennas Apple had to fit into such a tiny phone is especially impressive. For a new iPhone, it now starts at just $599.

iPhone 12
Source: Apple

iPhone 12

Considering how much better the iPhone 12 Pro is than the iPhone 12, you might be surprised to learn that the latter device now costs $300 less. While you might be reluctant to make certain concessions to get an iPhone 12, you won’t have to. The A14 Bionic processor and comprehensive 5G connectivity are the same on both the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro. Apple improved the software on the iPhone 12 to enhance its performance. Two cameras are present on the back of the phone, but the iPhone 12 performs better thanks to a new 7-element lens on the main camera. The main camera on the back of the phone includes a new 7-element lens and a wider aperture, which means sharper photos in low light and sharper photos in general.

image of a iphone (apple)
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iPhone 13 Mini

The iPhone 13 mini is the most powerful compact phone Apple’s ever made, thanks to that A15 Bionic chip that powers all the iPhone 13 models. That means the best performance in a smartphone can also be found in Apple’s 5.4-inch model, which also happens to be the least expensive entry in the iPhone 13 lineup.

Compact phones aren’t for everyone, and you won’t find the dynamically refreshing displays featured with the iPhone 13 Pro models, but the iPhone 13 mini has plenty to recommend it. It’s got the same camera setup as the iPhone 13, with larger sensors that let in more light than before. The display is also brighter than the iPhone 12 mini’s screen, and battery life is improved, if ever so slightly.

iPhone 13
Source: Apple

iPhone 13 

The most popular one  for most people is the $799 iPhone 13, which balances a more cost-effective price with some great features (Apple, 2019). It’s possible to skip the more pricey Pro line without losing out on fast-refreshing displays here, but the iPhone 13 is a worthy update from any prior iPhone. There are enough nice features in this new model to make up for the lack of storage (Apple, 2019). The A15 processor that powers the iPhone 13 remains the most popular mobile processor, allowing it to outperform any Android phone

iPhone 13 Pro
Source: Apple

iPhone 13 Pro

The iPhone 13 Pro is a terrific phone for less than $100 less than the iPhone 13 Pro Max. While the iPhone 13 Pro Max is an excellent choice in terms of performance, the iPhone 13 Pro is a very good option. In contrast to previous years, where the Pro Max was the clear winner, there is little distinction between the two iPhone 13 Pro models. You can buy the size you like, and many will opt for the iPhone 13 Pro 6.1-inch model, which costs $999. The dynamically refreshing display found on the iPhone 13 Pro Max is included. The iPhone 13 Pro has a large battery in addition to the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s big battery, which lasts for more than 11.5 hours in our test. The camera improvements found in the iPhone 13 Pro include powerful software features such as Cinematic mode.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is the greatest iPhone Apple now offers and nearly perfect. The Apple iPhone 13 Pro dominates almost every category if you pick one. The adaptive display automatically adjusts its refresh rate from 10Hz to 120Hz depending on what you’re doing. The iPhone 13 Pro Max lasts over 12 hours on our battery test thanks to its efficient AT 15 Bionic processor and large battery. The cameras, which are the most outstanding aspect of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, are the same as before, with three rear lenses, but Apple has increased the sensor size to let in more light. The ultrawide angle lens is particularly adept at extracting colour and detail from dark areas of shots. The story is the same with the telephoto lens, although it now offers 3x optical zoom.

iPhone SE 3
Source: Apple

iPhone SE (2022)

The iPhone SE (2022) is the most budget-friendly option in Apple’s current lineup. Starting at $429 for the 64GB model, the most recent SE is an actual powerhouse at this cost point. You will not find anything better for under $500 than this handset. It comes with the same A15 Bionic chipset that powers the iPhone 13 (2022). Despite its small size, the iPhone SE (2022) can handle any undertaking you throw at it. Despite the fact that the 4.7-inch LCD has a low resolution by today’s standards (1344 x 750), the handset is a good choice for those who love the classic iPhone look. The chunky bezels are particularly evident.

So, How Do You Choose the Best One?

Once you’ve determined when to purchase it, determine which features and abilities are most important to you. If battery life is critical, seek out for a larger device, as they typically have larger batteries to match their screens. Furthermore, because iOS is known for being efficient with power, even the smaller versions typically last longer on a charge than typical.

If you’re thinking about getting a Pro model iPhone, you should go for one with a triple-lens format, which enables you to take a variety of photos, ranging from extensive ultra-wide-angle images to close-up portraits with shallow depth-of-field. In addition, they’re exceptional at capturing pictures in dimly-lit indoor spaces or outside at night, for example.

All things considered, if saving as much as possible on your next smartphone purchase is your primary goal, you should feel free to grab an iPhone 11; we are still assessing the iPhone SE 2022 that Apple just announced. Those two phones may be on the less expensive side of Apple’s range, but they are still made of high-quality materials, with enough processing and performance to last for years.


So, which one is the best? Well, it honestly depends on what you need. Newer versions don’t always guarantee that it’s better for you. So, take your time to understand the pros and cons of each phone. Oh, and remember to make sure that your choice is within your budget!

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