10 Best Pop Up Wallets You Need To Check Out

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to pull out your phone or wallet to pay for something? It’s awkward. You’re also bound to spill something or drop your card in that scenario.

Pop up wallets are here to save the day! With these wallets, you can keep your cards, cash and more all in a single place. They come in all shapes and sizes and offer various wallet styles. Here are the best pop up wallets you need to check out:

MoovyGo Best Pop Up Wallets
Source: MoovyGo

Moovy Slide Card Wallet

If you’ve been on the internet for the past year, you’ve probably seen this one before. Moovy, the France-based startup, has been blowing up with its slide card wallet. The slide card wallet is one of the best examples of the pop-up wallet trend. This slim wallet is made with premium vegan leather.

Your wallet can pop up seven cards at once by pressing one button. It’s made up of two pieces: a slide cardholder and a horizontal component, which you slide your cards into. So how does that help you? If you’re sitting at a table, you can tuck your cards away inside the holder and only pull them out when it’s time to order or pay—no more digging through your wallet or worrying about your cards getting spilt.

Ekster Parliament Slim Leather
Source: Ekster

Ekster Parliament Slim Leather

Intricately designed and made from genuine leather, this vintage-styled wallet is a cult classic in pop-up wallets. It comes with RFID protection which protects you against card skimming by warding off unknown frequencies coming from handheld devices, so it can’t be stolen electronically. You also get to track your lost wallet using an embedded chip sold separately!

Secrid Mini Wallet
Source: Secrid

Secrid Mini Wallet

The Secrid mini wallet holds up to ten cards and has a solid inner frame that prevents the cards from breaking. It also has RFID protection to keep your card safe against security breaches. The black-coloured natural leather finish gives it a soft feel, while its minimalist design complements its overall aesthetic value. An excellent gift for everyone!

Innway Accent
Source: Innway Accent

Innway Accent

This wallet is not the cheapest on this list, but it comes with many high tech features. With its two-way tracker that can be found with your phone or find your phone even if it’s turned off and the built-in tracker to help you locate when lost, life just got more accessible than ever before! It also has enough charge to last twice a year without fail. You’ll never lose sight of what was in your handbag again by keeping track using all these benefits and more!

Skyborne Trigger Wallet for Men Best Pop Up Wallets
Source: Skyborne

Skyborne Trigger Wallet for Men

The skyborne wallet is another vintage addition to our list. It has a sleek design and can hold up to 8 cards in its premium metal frame with complete RFID security. There’s also room for keeping some cash on the leather casing of this chic wallet. Its lavishly classic design makes it an ideal pop-up pocket wallet for casual use – perfect when you need something that goes from your desk drawer or purse straight into your hands! Gift it to loved ones or customers as a thank you gift because they’ll praise you for making such a stylish choice! The leather ages like fine wine – each touch adds more beauty as time passes, so give one today and make sure they’re always looking good!

Alaska Mens Slim Wallet Card
Source: Alaska

Alaska Men’s Slim Wallet Card Holder

A wallet that gives you ample space to store your essentials like cards and cash is as durable without costing a fortune. The Alaska Men’s slim wallet has an easy pop-up mechanism with a simple pull. When closed, the RFID-protected metal plate helps protect your valuable information from potential thieves and ensures a firm grip for extra protection of its contents.

Ögon Designs Cascade Wallet
Source: Ögon Designs

Ögon Designs Cascade Wallet

Ogon Designs’ Cascade wallet is a sleek and stylish design that makes it simple to use with one hand, making it great for quick cash transactions. It is an innovative design because the card slot pops out when you press the button at the top. The RFID security adds up even more to its list of features too! The dynamic range of colours makes this a desirable choice if you like to keep things minimalistic and chic with your style.

VULKIT Credit Card Holder
Source: VULKIT

VULKIT Credit Card Holder

The VULKIT snap wallet is modern and vintage at the same time. With 9 card slots, a coin pocket, banknote compartments on both sides of the ID window, and an RFID/NFC blocking feature- it’s perfect for those who love their mumbo jumbo wallets but are on a budget! It will easily hold up to 5 cards in its aluminium case combined with three extra card slots.

NIID Credit Card Holder Wallet
Source: NIID

NIID Credit Card Holder Wallet

The NIID Credit card holder wallet is an elegant accessory that will allow you to carry eight credit cards on a daily basis. It has a minimalistic design and simplistic look, with quality materials that do not let any of your details fall through the cracks. The leather casing provides RFID security, as well as easy functionality for all hours of the day!

TRU VIRTU Wallet Click and Slide - Best Pop Up Wallets

TRU VIRTU Wallet Click and Slide Leather 

It features a cyberpunk look that resembles some hidden hard drive from a futuristic video game. It comes in many colours, with the black and yellow/gold paint being one of them! The capacity to hold 12 cards (4 embossed, one flat and 7 in an envelope) is another perk of this wallet. Another exciting feature is RFID protection with its one-touch pop-up mechanism for frame held cards. This wallet also has high-quality materials as well as long-lasting use periods, thanks to its low-budget price point.

People looking for best pop up wallets
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Final Words: Which Wallet Should You Buy?

There are a lot of great wallets out there, and it’s hard to choose which one you should get. These are the best pop up wallets you can get your hands on right now. They’re slim, sleek and modern-looking. There’s also a lot of functionality behind them. Each one comes with RFID-blocking technology and plenty of card slots. It’s hard to go wrong with any of these! We hope you enjoy your new pop up wallets.

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